Week 3 2015 Master Key – The Answer is 42

Now I just have to figure out how it relates to me at 43.42 You know, The Meaning of Life, the Universe, Everything.  Most important however, what are words for; no one listens anymore.

Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. agnesbartusek

    You are a breath of fresh air Natalie. <3 I am looking forward to your next posts! BTW, I love your incredible wit 🙂

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      Ha, ha I’m always on my toes, how do you like being on your toes? 😉

  2. patsrick1943

    I just wonder what is the question. Enjoyed the short post and video. Where are your sharing buttons?

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      Trying to keep it fresh after two longish posts :0_ not sure on the share buttons they should be there … maybe they got shy and hid?

  3. MasterKeyjayZ

    Quite a change of tone from your previous posts. I wonder at the hidden meanings here. Looking forward to you upcoming posts.

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      Hmmm – do you often look for hidden meanings … Did you know it says Mom in the Wendy’s logo?

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