Week 1 Master Key 2015 – It Began With a Rabbit Hole

Week 1 Master Key 2015 – It Began With a Rabbit Hole

A rabbit hole – a tangent – a purveyor of minutia – a repository for redirected time; someplace I end up when I really have nowhere better to be; someplace I end up when I have somewhere I’m avoiding like where I should, would, and could be if I put my time to constructive use.  Yep, a world wide web rabbit hole, you look around forabbit holer where you started from and you have no real clue as to how you got there, where is was you came from, and where you planned on going before you ended up in the rabbit hole – that is exactly where I first remember learning about the MKMMA.  It was 2010 there was a video, an offer, an application – it made little sense to me at the time so I clicked my ruby red slippers together three times … no, no wait that’s a completely different story; I clicked the X and closed the tab and continued with my life.

Sometimes, when you are really lucky (or are blessed, balanced in your Karma, or down another rabbit hole) your path leads you back to a rabbit hole and something whispers – hey listen, look around this is familiar MKMMA I’ve heard that before, I’ve seen this, I’m interested in this, I want this; 2014 I missed this MKMMA; but, the Universe is on my side in 2010 and 2014 I’d have walked an MKMMA path alone (you know the alone when you are with several hundred new friends but not your best friend and partner) today I get to take this journey with my best friend, my husband Jay.

Something in my life needed to change.  I let go and let God daily, but in the end while I am a miracle and grateful for everything large and small I couldn’t do it anymore I knew about the ant and the elephant the conscious and sub-conscious mind.  I knew about decisions, and faith, but it never quite came together.  Just look something within whispered, MKMMA may be different, MKMMA may make a difference.  I still didn’t even know what in the world an MKMMA was – but I looked – Master Keys Mastermind Alliance an experience with The Master Key System.

An experience, sounds commonplace – yeah sure a six month daily experience with Haanel’s The Master Key System, Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the world, some drop-in guests like Napoleon Hill, Emmet Foxx, Joseph Campbell, a few heroes and some dragons.  Where, in the end with the help of personal guides and the mysterious source which never sleeps I will have engineered a new blue-print for my life by changing thoughts creating habits – good habits.  I don’t think this experience will be commonplace; I know I need it.

Do you know about creating blue-prints to change your life?  Are you familiar with The World Within?  I’m new here what I see I like – Join Me –  I’m on a six month experiential journey – Bilbo Baggin’s journey he called There and Back Again, I’m not sure I’m coming back again; I may never leave or I may just have the door to My World Within look like a Rabbit Hole not a Hobbit Hole.  This is my Master Key Experience join me, I brought the ruby slippers, some magic beans, a bucket of water, and I know what Home will look like when I get there. I’m changing the world and I’m starting on my World Within …. Master Key Natalie Z

Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. Darren Neilson

    What a great start to your MKMMA journey. Also YEAAAAA for you to have your husband Jay along for the deep dig into the holes along the way. BeBlessed = Darren

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      Thank you Darren, 2 decades, 4 kids – major ups and downs and he still likes me and I still like him – We are so Blessed 😉 NatalieZ

  2. VirginiaPerl

    Great post, Natalie! Thanks for sharing your wise words.

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