Week 10 – Love Comes Back

…the man who understands that there is no effect without an adequate cause thinks impersonally. He gets down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences. He is free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. He sees the issue clear to the end, and he meets the requirements fully and fairly, and the result is that the world gives him all that is has to give, in friendship, honor, love and approval.

Master Key Lesson 11 Introduction

This Master Key Journey has been full of twists and turns, ups and downs just as life before this journey. What has transpired is I have a clearer understanding of how much (as in all) of my life is the reflection of my thoughts, feelings, actions, responses to what life has placed before me – to challenge me to grow and become the person I was designed and capable of becoming.

Cause and effect, what you sow you reap, what I sow I reap, what you send out comes back to you, what I send out comes back to me, give more get more.  Love more – love comes back – more. Be thankful, grateful – you will have more to be thankful and grateful for.

However, the knowledge of these things does not apply itself. I must make the application – even when my dragons are here in all their majestic splendor – their awesome power – that I have given them in my life.

Often times it’s the application of the smallest of things – I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy. I greet this day with love. Today – and five minutes from now – and an hour after that I begin a new life – or a Mental Attuning restart (I really dislike diets). Since my dragons are front and center – I am just going to love them – because like cause and effect – love comes back. I celebrate enthusiastically all the love in my life.


Master Key Natalie Z

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