Week 11 – Persistent Love

From love to persistence – or to persistence with love or – I love to persist – loving is the part I’m excelling at in this course – loving myself (warts – failings and all) celebrating what I am doing and doing well so that my thoughts fire and wire together with what I want – not the previously established peptide addiction that has added up to the life I have – celebrate whats good – celebrate what’s better – celebrate the good that is coming.

If it’s in my life and not what I want – no energy, denying palliative care – cutting it off at the roots. It is what I want in my life that I’m giving my energy to.

The four habits of persistence – Habit 1 Definite Purpose – with Burning Desire

So this month we create those mental grooves with Scroll III and Persistence – so in keeping with the manner in which you are accustomed to reading –  my musical selections this month will center around one of the four habits of persistence – as we go through this month as we Dash through Snow – while listening to Silver Bells and Angels We Have Heard drop me an idea if you have one for music that reminds you of the habits of persistence – or just of persistence – I will reserve the reveal of what to me is the ultimate song that represents persistence (I’m waiting until then so that I won’t solidify my place on the naughty list for this year – though played on radio it is rather naughty) stay tuned 🙂

Master Key Natalie Z

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