Week 14 – Master Key 2015/16 – New Year New Life

new year fresh start

I love New – think clean, fresh – new fallen snow, new car smell (not really my favorite) that new freshness after a rain shower, a new day, a new year – my 2015 flew on record setting wings at a pace that was light speed and beyond warp, hyper it was fast – now gone.

My Master Key journey has taken turns that I didn’t necessarily see in my sits (Tesla I’m signing up for your course in creation in the sit).  I have found myself quieter, sure of my direction (sounds great right) – but words fail me.  I sit to journal, blog, respond to others blogs and I get silence, not static, not consilence make you strongfusion, silence.  Some posts have become harder and harder for me to read – I just want to turn from them – when I find myself in silence and in that turn from it moments I have been deliberately Affirming that the author is Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy – no click to like, no twitter, no comment just bless and turn away from.  Some people I have had the same experience with – I don’t seek them out – I just have silence.

I have looked at the reaction from many angles and this week we were given in the Master Keys a sit on Harmony.  Interesting as I sit clarity – wow, those things I’ve not been able to like, tweet etc are not in Harmony with my journey.  I feel like a pendulum that has swung far to one side, it cannot be on the other side of it’s swing – cannot hold two thoughts or positions at the same time.  Or a child that is so focused on a new found skill that all else is lost, forgotten –  a sole focus nothing else penetrates, silence.

I have cheered and shouted from the rooftops harmonious victories.  I have a sharp laser focus on what I want and my thoughts are becoming sharp, deliberate, earnest – I don’t entertaIAmAMiracle-Butterflybackin the insidious negative destroyer I turn from it – I relish loudly and with gusto my positive thoughts or my DMP, my future, my present – My New Life.  If it is part of the this MKMMA experience I’m celebrating the aspects I’m completing and completing well, I celebrate them and I celebrate those aspects I am working on – I no longer find myself delinquent, lacking – I’m not – I’m golden – a unique miracle.  I am enough. I have all my good, all I need (and so do you) and my DMP I can see, feel, it is glorious – it makes my heart sing.

I am so excited about my future.  I am so excited about my journey. I am so blessed to have you be a part of my journey. Thank You.  Think a Miracle 🙂





Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. Charlotte Rønne Dam

    Happy New Year.. yes a new start.. but you already have started.. and really kick-started your 2016..
    You are on your way.. and keep fighting.. keep doing.. you are doing it.. and yeah it isn’t easy, then more of us would have done it long ago, and the world would look different..
    Love the song you posted..

    1. Thank you Charlotte! The world is looking kinder and more loving everyday – the song is beautiful – I love the version the song writer made too – her name is Stephanie Maybe check it out – you’ll love it too! 🙂

  2. Greg Lassig

    Inspirational, great way to start the new year!

  3. Debra Reinke

    WOW! Could not have said it better. So many changes in our harmonious lives. New year and new life here we come!

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