Week 15 – Master Key 2015/16 – Combine to Catapult

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This week has been interesting to say the very least – we have added more flash cards and continue to add gratitude cards I love the focus.  We are going back and adding to all of the cards a color and shape.  As we combine these various aspects of our Master Key journey will they catapult us into our future and to our ideal?abstract-blue-paper-rectangle-shapes-background-rgb-eps-vector-illustration-47441852

We have been using these colors and shapes from very early on in this journey – I have developed an amazing relationship with these colors and shapes – I see them – everywhere and where I don’t see them I can instantly create them in my mind’s eye.

For those of you not already involved with Mark J – The Fab D – Trish and the MKMMA – Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience (you should be) and journey let me fill you in – we were introduced to these colorful shapes one at a time over four weeks.  First a blue rectred circlesangle – second, red circle – third, green triangle – fourth, yellow square.  I looked for them – we looked for them – I got my children to bring them to my attention.

We printed sheets with them – we colored them – we hung them on our walls – put them on the dash of the car so that we could see them again and again and again.  These shapes have become important in my life – not just for what they are – simple children not yet in school have a relationship with these simple shapes and colors.

We attached personal ideals and desires to these shapes and colors – some of us have been so comfortable in sharing them that I can tell you that to Mark J. texture-abstract-green-triangle-wallpaper-1a red circle represents True Health and his commitment to himself to Rock his P90X routine and to eat good food that creates great outcomes in his body and life.  For my husband a red circle represents Liberty – and putting 10% of what we earn into a active financial growth and savings plan.  For me a red circle is my commitment to Helping Others – for me it is that expression of active love – I see red circles I can turn them into red hearts and from my heart I seek to love and help the people I come into contact with.

I combine my idea of a red circle and helping others with my Promise cards – specifically my promise to give, without expectation of reciprocity, from the channels I enrich, because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving yellow-square-background(ironically this promise doesn’t have a red circle – but a green triangle beside it) my mind connects these together.  We’ve learned and science has proven that thoughts that fire together wire together so we add more.  This week we also added Earl Nightengale’s The Strangest Secret in the World – http://www.18mind.com/mind/the_strangest_secret – Wow, I’ve listened to it before you should listen to it – his voice amazing – his message – life changing – but will I do it?

On top of all of this I ran across this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy – and some power poses that change the chemistry in our minds and effect how we act and how we feel.  So now I will strike a pose, a powerful pose while I engage with the gal in the glass and Mind Gym my way into my 2016 – Look out world – I’m flying – Nature’s Greatest Miracle.  I have zero questions about the appropriateness of a grown women talking to herself in the mirror while striking a Wonder Woman pose – doing cross touches hand to toe *or knee * or hip.  If you do – thank you for your opinion and kindly step out of the way of those changing the world while you watch.

This has been an amazing journey – I can see my future and I feel amazing today  I feel amazing right now.  The coolest of all the things you can do with the shapes is make what this world always needs more of and that is LOVE so this week go out and don’t just Think a little love go out and Make a little or a lotta LOVE 🙂ShapesLove

Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. hitomi Nakao

    I just love your post !!! love the way you explain the shapes and colors, and your words ‘ I see them – everywhere and where I don’t see them I can instantly create them in my mind’s eye.’ also I think Amy Cuddy’s talk is awesome 🙂 thank you so much for inspiring me !! blessings

  2. kate

    Great Blog…especially the one of the gal and the glass and if you have an issue!! Love it! Wayta go!!

      1. master-key-jay-z

        censored…..censored….censored! Your word pictures are fascinating. Love you

        1. Ha, ha … I guess you are keying in on the make portion of the pictures 🙂 Do you know what parents call safe sex? A locked door 🙂

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