Week 16 – Master Key 2015/16 – Kindness is Key


I truly believe – all you need is love.  However, not everyone opens themselves up to giving and receiving love – so what is the solution?  After this amazing week I know that Kindness is the key – the key to the doorway that leads to the love that is all you need.  Kindness is key – so is it The Master Key or just A Master Key?

kindness is a language

This week in our Franklin Makeover we are doing a couple things that go beyond the look for, observe, and acknowledge  kindness in the world.  We are proving the Mastermind idea that many of us have only a conceptual understanding of.  Right here this week two or more (alright so the number in this Mastermind Alliance is somewhere in the 300-400 people) working in harmony to achieve a specific or defined purpose.  We have set out not just to record a certain number of kindnesses, and comment on others recorded kindnesses, we have set out to begin a journey that will culminate with 30,000 people having created ripples of kindness – celebrate and change up the kindnesses with an Epic Hugfest – imagine with me (and with Mark J, Fab D, Trish, and the Guides and this Alliance – my friends) 30,000 people from around the world each hugging at least 100 strangers on a specific day and time – perhaps 24 hours of hugging with all the different time zones.  Do the math with me – 30,000 x 100 = 3,000,000 heart felt hugs with no other motive but to bring love and kindness into someones day.  A simple virtue exercise grows into a movement that I cannot fathom an end of.

repay kindness pass it on

Have you ever been part of something bigger than yourself?  Something that takes on a life of it’s own and transcends the beginnings and the endings and just goes on beyond whatever you imagined – something that mattered – that changed the world … we did that this week – our kindness has begun ripples that continue outward as those touched by our kindnesses are changed and act in kind ways towards others they come into contact with and the ripple and kindness just goes and goes and goes.

Once our kindness opens the hearts of people we can let the love in until all we need is love.  You can be part of this little change in the world just Think a Kind thought and you’ll be on your way. 🙂  We did change the world with kindness – lets not stop now!


Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. hitomi Nakao

    fantastic post !!! I agreed that 300-400 of us in MKMMA has started a kindness ripples, but with a 30,000 x 100 = 3,000,000 kindness we creat a wave. happy to share this journey with you, thank you !!!

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