Week 17 – Master Key 2015/16 – Thought

secrets revealed

The last line in Week 17’s Master Key reading is from Ralph Waldo Emerson – Thought is the property of him who can entertain it … for the last several weeks my thoughts have been so unclear3-ring-circus-4x6-triptych I feel like I’ve been entertaining an entire 3 ring circus in my world within.  Ironic as I think I’ve been experiencing my own little personal lunacy, not minutes, hours, days, weeks nearly a full lunar cycle.  This is the line that has come again and again to me – to him who can entertain it.  Have I been so entertained in my journey that I’ve missed important points along the way?  What the heck is going on our complex progression I was holding onto the 5 pieces in the complex progression as a life-line in the midst of chaos.

  1. 3 New Gratitude Cards a day – Check
  2. 1 New Happy Moment Card – Check
  3. Sit – Check
  4. Look for Kindnesses – and Engage in Kindnesses – Check
  5. Move – Check

The Promise of this multi-week complex progression.  Greater happiness and more effectiveness in work and life.  Awesome, happiness is a check in my world – I can see a huge need to become more effective.  The entertainment is wearing me down and I’m2011/365/55 No Fun Either missing the things that I thought I’d created good habits around are being lost to you guessed it – bread and circus – everything is so nifty nothing is happening – at least no continued growth.  Entropy, it’s super sucky.  If your aren’t moving forward you aren’t moving in the right direction.  I did mention that I have been slowly seeing my unkiltered nutty spring forth uncontrolled.  You’ll notice that Yeah, this blog post is three weeks late – over in the circus words don’t flow, no thoughts come through that are clear enough to share, but ain’t we got fun, no wait entertainment.

So as the haze of the overstimulation of my delicate mind began to clear I took a second look at the sentence that has been the center of my thoughts as I attemptedfocus to put Week 17’s reading into clarity and understanding – the sit had given me fits … still is truth be told from this week, but we’ll get to that in a little while.  I looked at the Emerson quote – Thought is the property of him who can entertain it – something just kept niggling; there had to be more to it, why was it the one thing that was sticking, so I googled it (don’t you love that googled is a verb now) and I found the rest of the quote.  Thought is the property of him who can entertain it, and of him who can adequately place it – from Emerson’s, Shakespeare; or, The Poet.

The whole Emerson quote – even more telling with the end on Week 17  – Adequately placed thought; Hmmm – speaks to power in truth rather than the symbol of power for week 17 talks about the secrets that are revealed with the proper placement of a thought – that nature can indeed keep no secret from one who has this power.  When your thoughts are running amok and chaos reigns not a lot of power is being wielded face it utter and complete mayhem in my little world within – entertaining though it might be this unscheduled mini-vacation from all my promises and developed habits was not entirely what I pictured for the beginning of my new year.  I’m slowing down enough so that I realize I’m dizzy from spinning in circles.  Think an entertaining thought – or cry it’s cathartic … it’s all just a kick when we start singing … nope not Send in the Clowns – they are on their way out, isn’t it rich?  How about this – just think 🙂will smith skill

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