Week 2 version 2.0 – I can see clearly now – MKE 2020-21

Week 2 version 2.0 – I can see clearly now – Master Key Experience 2020-21

What a wild ride! Week 2 already, this is not the first post I’ve written for this lesson of MKE – Oi vey! If I locate the other… I may well post it too – I have had so much squeeze into this small amount of time I don’t know what was first post time or after that post time… one thing for sure I’m calling this 3. The world has lost three amazing people – many more than that however – last week the three I referenced were my friend and guide Danny Linkert who was killed just days before the start of this course – and then

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  1. Nancy O

    You are fortunate to have had Danny as a guide and friend. It’s odd when the celebrities we follow pass on – like a small chunk of our personality is gone. I especially remember Johnny Nash’s song above – it was very important to me at a particular time in my past.

    1. Yes – yes, yes!! Good observation about a chunk of ourselves – Danny’s influence is a gift.

  2. Laura

    Not easy losing friends and people we admire–I’m not sure if the fact they were amazing makes it easier or harder but it definitely makes us grateful to have known them and their gifts. ❤️

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