Week 3 – Master Key Experience 18/19

Week 3 – Master Key Experience 18/19

Week 3 – Master Key Experience, originally received as weekly lessons – in the Master Key System, how are you receiving the words of week 3? We’ll get to questions and answers in a moment – sitting, reading, promising, 3×5 carding, how are you doing? Have you found yourself celebrating the small stuff? I hope so… for those of you who have read others of my blogs – I am rather connected to music, I use it to connect feelings, ideas – and I fill in parts and lyrics and aspects so that it fits what I need… and sometimes what I need changes – last week for the first time in 4 years I did the PPN exercise with Mark during the webinar and got something different. Hmmm…I’m still working on it … I’ll let you know… sometimes we all feel a little out of sorts, disconnected or overwhelmed, or like you’re going through hell – don’t stop keep going… your Subby is always ready to go to work, put Subby to work on your behalf, even if you don’t have everything worked out, let Subby go to work for you. The Q&A for Part 3 is below, but I’ve been missing my celebration of one of the greatest vocalists ev’va the world is a little less melodious without her (he’s missed too).

Part Three Study Questions and Answers


  1. What system of nerves is the organ of the Conscious Mind?


  1. What system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind?


  1. What is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating?


  1. How may this distribution be interrupted?


  1. What is the result of such interruption?


  1. How may this energy be controlled and directed?


  1. How may fear be completely eliminated?


  1. What determines the experiences with which we meet in life?


  1. How may we awake the solar plexus?


  1. What is the creative principle of the Universe?


I always keep my promises.



1a. The Cerebro,spinal.

2a. The sympathetic.

3a. The solar plexus.

4a. By resistant, critical, discordant thoughts, but especially fear.

5a. Every ill with which the human race is afflicted.

6a. By conscious thought.

7a. By an understanding and recognition of the true source of all power.

8a. Our predominant mental attitude.

9a. Mentally concentrate upon the condition which we desire to see manifested in our lives.

10a. The Universal Mind.


Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. Brenda Yeager

    Shifting…a delicious mystery to participate in this process and observe how cleverly the Silence speaks through us all. Your brightness is visible from here. Thank you! ✨ ✨

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