Week 3 MKE 2017-18 – Lies We Tell Ourselves

And a voice whispered in my ear …

I-am-not-worthy… and other lies we tell ourselves – sometimes wrapped in pretty wrappers deeply felt

no perfect

open to change - change minds 

So I change … I stop listening to the lies I’ve told myselforiginal_the-secret-of-change-is-to-wall-stickerI’m building my DMP – I’m crafting it – honing it. It is becoming the voice inside my head and as it does from my heart and my solar plexus as I relax and feel deeply I feel change …

little darlingIt seems like years since I’ve felt the warm rays of my heart shine, it’s alright … it’s been a long cold lonely winter – I’ve placed ice like cement around my heart – what a difference a smile makes. An enthusiastic feeling and a colored shape. Completing a chore I gave myself… and the ice begins to melt and the cement covering my shining gold drips off…sun lyricshere comes the sun

Give your feeling and your energy to the change happening in your life. You are worth it, read, sit, think, feel, live because here comes the sun – and it’s in me and you. 🙂

here comes the musical sun

Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    Sophie Commented
    So creative and artistic and fun!!! I loved reading / watching / listening / reflecting about it 🙂
    Here comes the Sun. Here comes the New. Here comes the Now experienced every moment.
    Lots of love,


    I replied
    Thank you Sophie #LoveTheJourney #LiveNow

  2. Steve W commented
    Hey Natalie, Nice meeting you! I agree with Danny. Great to be on this journey with you!! Peace. -Steve

    I replied
    Thank you Steve – peace to you as well #LoveTheJourney

    …addition #StillNoOpinionOnTheBestBand #BeTheObserver #HardMentalLabor 🙂

  3. Danny L commented
    Love your blog Natalie!
    Great choice of music!
    I still say the Beatles (best Band Ever) live the Master Keys!

    I replied
    Thank you Danny 🙂 Music is like a picture worth more in words than just the words – right I see Master Keys influence or fingerprint in so many places – I have no opinion on the Beatles as best Band Ever – got to start early on somethings 🙂 #GuidesThankYou #NothingLikeIt #NoOpinionStartingEarlyAtLeastOnThis

  4. Deb S Commented
    Wow! Your posts are so fun! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Look forward to seeing more.

    I replied
    Thank you Deb 🙂 Look forward to sharing more #ShiningMyLight #YouShineToo

  5. Amy S commented
    Here comes the sun and the miracles of MKE.

    I replied
    Absolutely, Amy – Thank you for stopping by #LoveTheJourney #NothingLikeIt

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