Week 3 – Work or Shine


So this week we are relaxing in the sit – can you work, or shine while relaxing?

Deep Webby this week – wow – attaching oneself through the words we use to the opposite of what we really want – deep digging into my DMP to get it right.

This week I am super grateful for the classic filled, philosophy rich, education that my mother provided me – I thought it was normal to read Plato to my kids, my mom read it to me. Her Hero, Marva Collins, read Plato to her students – I didn't realize until the Q&A as other people honestly expressing that they have trouble with the language in Haanel – there are some of the oldie's I still struggle to read aloud (Beowulf – Cicero – Homer) but fortunately Haanel is on the 'I got this – no problem' group – recent enough to not be Shakespeare, (I love Shakespeare don't get me wrong) but, old enough to have some beautiful construction. It's like a Christopher Wren cathedral – they just don't make 'em like this anymoredont-dim-your-light – so I'm not personally struggling with Haanel and his language – now conveying what I would like – clearly, with specificity –  I certainly don't fancy myself an accomplished writer – I've not taken the time to discipline myself to – structure – it's rather my own thing so don't hold proper grammar up as the ideal here – it's more the ideal of connecting with the feeling and the simplicity of the communication here. I'll get it – getting what I want – is important – I'm important – my contribution to a better world is important. (Each one of us should know this – you are each and every one of you Important!)

So, This week I was working – really working – and the pay-offs will be Amazing – but, this is no microwave meal – this is the real deal my seven course meal – the life I am creating. So much so that I'm all in a muddle of what to write in my blog – ??? Who knew is this me speechless – no just focused in a different direction.

With my mind elsewhere – let me give you some tips that only a truly analytical person would find relevent – so take them leave them it's all good.

Tip #1 I am right handed – I have my husband punch the weekly papers so the print is on the left leaving the right a blank page so I can read and take notes on the blank back of the next page without any hassel.

Tip #2 Don't start numbering things and then only have one thing – it looks dumb 🙂

Master Keys this week is one of my – there are so many rabbit holes here and so little time – I love the solar plexus and the shining.

In the introduction it reads, "Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as the have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like time to be." Wow, don't attach yourself to what you don't want, don't reinforce it with your words – reinforce your ideal. Speak what you want, keep speaking it until there is no room for anything else in your life. Like I said, I've been working – this is important, I better get back to work.

On a lighter note this song captured what I'm feeling about this Master Key Experience – enjoy and Think a Bright and Shiny Thought – as Bright as Your Future 🙂

Tip # 3 Don't try to upload your blog as your husband turns the power off to the whole house – I may shine but, I don't power the internet or the connections between my computer and the internet 🙂

Tip # 4 Don't have follow buttons as your share buttons they don't do the same thing 🙂 I am putting this as my chore this week – Beat Jay until he gets the right buttons – no that won't work – Ask Isaac to save his mom and have the chore be make him a cake for his effort – hmmm, maybe that will work with Jay – no beating required – *only wet lasagne noodles are used in our house for beatings*



Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. Richard Barton


    I love this post. Song has me Walking in Sunshine right now. Have a blessed and fruitful week.

  2. Dre

    Fun post I adore your energy!! Now regarding tip # 2 wouldn't it be a successful day if you filled in one bullet and realized that's all and for once the other numbered bullets remained blank? Just curious 😀

    Have a wonderful tomorrow and I hope you are filled with an abundance of inspiration and focus for next week's blog! <3


    1. Well – you caught me – I was so close to just leaving the one bullet – then attack of the Subby or some assimilated taught social acceptibility standard, group-think, or red pencilness added the rest – the #1 really has been helpful for me – and I really am thankful that Jay got share buttons working…. 🙂 Thank you for the abundance of focus – The energy is in the enthusiasm and celebration.

  3. Sounds like you're having fun with this — which is just as important as digging and seriously doing the work. 🙂

    1. Awesome, if the work I’m doing looks like I’m having fun – I’m doing it right – effortless – that’s what I’m going for – masifesting my Definite Purpose in Life – efforlessly with a happy knack – I’m getting closer. Thank You Willena, you have made my day brighter – like I’m walking in Sunlight 🙂

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