Week 4 – Into The Unknown – MKE 2020/21

Into the Unknown

Week 4 – days 21-28 and we are just getting started. This weeks Master Key lesson is deep, deep, deep. I have loved it since the first time I read it – we took the wills out of our reading in the Greatest Salesman, we changed our Chore card to a Service card and my first service was to record myself reading Scroll I aloud with the changes – I call it the “Will to Change” version. I’m a bit (okay, a tad more than a bit – a huge amount) of a perfectionist (in the past I let the perfect become the enemy of the good) so I performed my service – I read the Greatest Salesman aloud as I do everyday – this time I read it from my tablet rather than my book and I plugged a mic into my IPhone and hit record. I had not rewritten the print because I do it on the fly in my head as I read (I really hadn’t realized I do this) in the GS books I have at home that I’ve used in MKE before I’ve drawn shapes and colors in one of them to do the will changes – and tense changes I have written in – so I don’t have any idea if I’ve read scroll I enough times over the years that I have a groove that has these changes or if I do this naturally with practiced ease… I listened to it back and can nit pick the thing – but this is a straight read, one take, no edits – it’s not bad. Yay – service complete. 🙂 I likely did this as much for myself as I say I did it for Jay… I have big (bigger than I have spoken aloud) issues with focus and comprehension at certain unpredictable moments so this is a tool I can lean on and be like kids learning how to read – and listen to myself read the scroll as I follow along – the only thing it’s really lacking is Tinker Bell letting me know when to turn the pages. I kinda think that people who are dyslexic or non-native English speakers could also get value from it – Jay just says he reads it slower than he’d like because he can see it to read.

This weeks MK lesson also connects the Blue Print Builder in the relax and remove certain negative ideas and thoughts – I really love these positive focuses. I am often reminded that while I may be a recovering negative Nelly – as many addicts say once an addict always an addict – once a negative bias… you get the idea.

Building on Stillness – Unknown…

Daily I am reminded how much I don’t know – I thrive on learning, cultivating my imagination, I have watched my sister without knowledge or experience dash off in a direction in true Do It Now fashion toward cliffs I fully know exist, and I am left with the question – do I applaud her action, her do it nowness – do I let her fall? Is my map and experience just my own? I have also noticed that when I go – when I Do It Now it’s – wow! Look how far I got – how much got done, when the dust settles and sometimes people say I don’t know how you got that to work…

My music listening has been all over the map and the feelings I’ve felt just haven’t lined up the the words and music until just a few minutes ago. I have not seen this movie, yet (I am a grandma of two Disney loving littles – they’ve just been more Mowana and Hercules) but I heard the Panic At the Disco version (love them!) listened to the lyrics and had very little idea if it ment what I was hearing… you might be in this boat with me…so I watched the movie lyric version and the movie really cleared it up and brought it together for me… I see this song as the Stillness in my sit – the Universal – an aspect of my Subconscious, my Subby – the Unknown, what I could be if I let my light shine 🙂 Think of that Adventure

Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. Darcy Laniuk

    Your post are so good and I love the way you think and are an inspiration to the CEMENT BUSTERS with your excitement. Keep it up

    1. Thank you 🙂 Right back at ya – I look forward to seeing you daily on Polo – I will do better too! #DoItNow #CementBustersForTheWin 🙂

  2. Laura

    Thanks for sharing! Wow- Into the unknown really mirrors answering the call and the hero’s journey! Great reminders and reinforcements in there for me, thank you!!! 🙂

    1. You are welcome Laura – I love the connections too – Into the Hero’s Journey 🙂 #Shine

  3. Nancy O

    Interesting that I hadn’t heard of Panic at the Disco, but you are the second person in as many days to mention them. Great song!

    1. He has great pipes – there are no happenstances. Glad you like the song – thank you for reading 🙂

  4. Laura

    Both versions of “Into the Unknown” gave me goosebumps–thank you for sharing a great song, and your take on it (I haven’t seen the movie yet either!)! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the song – it’s really summed up this adventure for me this year – if I’m all in it will be into the unknown. Thank you for reading – maybe we can have a joint online viewing party of the movie 🙂

  5. Randy

    ‘This week’s Master Key lesson is deep, deep, deep.’

    You said it, Natalie! But then, I say that about most of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I would agree with you – they really are deep, always something new to learn on a different level. Thank you for reading.

  6. Nicole Sikora

    You talk about the music. I jut realized I am not thrilled with my music choices lately…I must need something that is more in alignment with my new thoughts. Thanks, Natalie! You’ve inspired me to keep looking!

    1. Perhaps into the unknown – musically, if not more 🙂 Thank you for reading #Shine

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