Week 4 – Master Key 2015 – Connections

Hello beautiful reader

repeat after me

I do not follow the above line of belief.  Nope not for me, likely not for you either, the faux freedom.  Awaken, I’m journeying to the World Within to change my future – I’ve said that before, right?

Searching for my life’s purpose, my Chopraesque Dharma, my Ikigai.

ikigaiHere’s a great feel good quickie about one’s Ikigai – think beautiful thoughts 😉

Master Key Natalie Z

Walking the World Within to make positive changes in the world. Join me.

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  1. master-key-jay-z

    Short and Sweet. To the Point. But that is what I like about you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. agnesbartusek

    Thank God it’s not me either 😉 Thank you sunshine for your amazing inspiring posts. I love reading them no matter how long <3 XOXOX

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