Week 4 – MKE 18/19 – What am (I) becoming…Numb?

Week 4 – MKE 18/19 – What am (I) becoming…Numb?

There is nothing truer than that the quality of thought which we entertain correlates certain externals
in the outside world. This is the Law from which there is no escape. And it is this Law, this correlative
of the thought with its object, that from time immemorial has led the people to believe in special

As I wake up to the realization that my light, my Golden Buddha is covered in cement – the ideas of others, the expectations of others, the doubts, the opinions, the judgments – I have a lot of work to do – I choose to make changes, sometimes there is that space between where I am – and where (I) am. That place is numb not the old blueprint, not the new blueprint. The in-between. Until I decide, what I will be.

Lesson 4 Questions & Answers

  1. What is thought?


  1. How is it carried?


  1. How is it given vitality?


  1. How does it take form?


  1. What is the secret of its creative power?


  1. How may we develop the faith, courage, and enthusiasm which will result in



  1. What is the secret of Power?


  1. Why is this so?


  1. What is the Silence?


  1. Of what value is it?


I always keep my promises.


1a.  Thought is spiritual energy.

2a.  By the law of vibration.

3a.  By the law of love.

4a.  By the law of growth.

5a.  It is a spiritual activity.

6a.  By a recognition of our spiritual nature.

7a.  Service.

8a.  Because we get what we give.

9a.  A physical stillness.

10a. It is the first step to self,control, self,mastery.

4 -9. If you cannot do these things it is because you have thus far not made the necessary effort. Now is the time to make the effort. The result will be exactly in proportion to the effort expended. One of the strongest affirmations which you can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to accomplish, is, “I can be what I will to be.”

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