Week 4 MKE 2017-18 – Relax … no seriously relax

I had a great big epiphany this week – I have worked for three years to relax – you know the last couple weeks relax your body then relax your body and mind for this weeks sit relax, that one, 15 minutes a day, a small price to pay.

So if you haven’t read Natalie Z the UnAbridged Version you may not know – I’m a bit of a control freak, I know shocking right, I have struggled and worked diligently – like unto the hard mental labor that will be written of from time to time in the Master Key System, Chuck you know me so well, I’ve worked hard and if you look back on the last couple of years I talk about how hard it is for me to relax. So here lies the epiphany – I’m not focusing on how it is hard for me to relax – drum roll, nope this year I am throwing an enthusiastic celebration for the moments of and evidences that I can indeed relax!

Life-changing right – well seriously, yes, life-changing – what you think about grows, Law of Growth, what you feel deeply about digs those deep grooves that our Subby directs our world on. Therefore, big celebration for the relaxation I have achieved, and further enthusiastic feeling behind my continued endeavor to keep getting better at relaxing with continued daily practice.

I always keep my promises – I’ve tried for a couple days to get this lovely post – up, but the media has not been cooperating, I didn’t promise a post with pictures so to fulfill that I do always keep my promises here’s my post sans-pictures. Don’t you love the opportunity to imagine 🙂 All I can say is – you’re welcome.

Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. sophie

    Congratulations Natalie!
    I like the creative way you present your blog and share your experiences! I’m looking forward to reading your press release now! How exciting! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sophie – I hope you enjoy the press release – It is a work in progress, but I’ll get what I’ve got up for your entertainment and hopefully inspiration 🙂

  2. Danny Linkert

    Hey Natalie!
    Congrats on the video!

    I say! Time Well Wasted!

    1. Thank you – I didn’t make the video, just had the ability for it to appear miraculously 🙂

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