Week 5 – Master Key 2015 – The Voices in My Head

Week 5 – Master Key 2015 – The Voices in My Head

passion1Oh my goodness! As I prepare to start the 2018 MKE this time as a guide I laugh, full belly laugh out loud at the memories this post brings … may I be the guide I hoped to find – the really red tell it like it is no glitter, rainbows, or smoke up the skirt, but we each have our own journey … when will you begin yours? Naila began her journey last year take a peek. Awesome, right? You’re welcome 🙂

So for a couple of weeks I’ve found that words fail me so the videos of others I let suffice.  A weekly blog when you are in the middle of a serious demo and rebuild and tend to run hot, fast, and deep is let me see if I can be crystal clear – a Serious Pain in my Head.  I’ve been keeping a running journal, however, maybe memoirs after time and distance have lent a different perspective.

Let me catch you up very quickly – I love – Love – LOVE – the Master Keys, it speaks to understanding and knowledge my soul knows to be true.  thumbs up strawberry      The Scroll Marked I, I have written on my heart and I’m excited to turn the next page on Sunday.  I’m at peace and Gustoing my DMP – I’ve changed up my PPNs.  I’ve sat for hours and hours (sitting still whiprime directivele relaxed and it’s amazing!) – my cards and colors I do happily with child-like enthusiasm … but, my big girl brain struggles analyzing them … thanks hubby (love you bunches) on that front.  I tweet only as directed, but aspire to become a Social Media Master – maybe later.  Overall, I’m getting into happy place with this whole World Within Master Key Experience and give it a big thumbs up, and then there are those little things that are literally about to drive me to drink – not just a Dr. Pepper either.

I get the whole Prime Directive – We shall not interfere – I really do, but if one more guide pats me on my head and blows smoke up my skirt to express that I’m a great participant and I should get a participation star.  Or gets all blue on me in general I may just go red all over them  (Please see Natalie Z the UnAbridged Version).

I am asking a question for a reason… deflecting it back with a what do you think … or you need to just do what Haanel says and then you’ll understand (as if I hadn’t been doing what Haanel says prior to asking the question, ugh!) … and most of all Calgon take me away from the dreaded relax – and like magic and glitter farting unicorns a dawning of rainbows and butterflies will find you with mystic understanding and you’ll wonder why you asked in the first place, seriously?  I’m having less issues with the niggles causing the freaking questions than the unharmonious old blueprint response to the answers the guides are giving!

pat the redhead day

To be clear – the above picture may be what the guides are thinking is going on, but that picture is not a picture of me.  Sorry not sorry, your opinion of what I’m asking maybe off a little bit, but the opinion ya’ll offer as to what I should believe is an adequate response from you holds zero sway or influence in my life … still waiting for a thoughtful, thought provoking response.  Send me a freaking red please tell me directly – we’ve all struggled with different parts of this process and we said we are going to do our dangdest not to influence you, but when I struggled I did XYZ see if it helps.  Or redder yet, we aren’t going to answer to your satisfaction but what you think about Grows so use the Laws and don’t make a niggle a mountain.

At this point, I’m not going to even broach the don’t give your opinion for the next several weeks assignment … you’re welcome 😉 Think a happy thought


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  1. Ha, ha; glad you love it … so frustrating when humbling to ask becomes the bigger pain… yes, red – red, thank you for the laugh (sounds like a voice that went flying through my head) 😉

  2. MKlarrycarr

    I love it!!! Spoken as a blazing Red – Lead, Follow, or Get the hell out of the Way!!! Those darn Guides! Damn them all!!

    (Did I just say that??)

  3. masterkeybritta

    really, nothing to add to previous comments. awed!
    I am not alone

    1. Nope Britta you are not alone, So excited for a month of Love with Scroll II – so I guess my new tagline should be – Think a loving thought 😉

  4. master-key-jay-z

    There is a saying that those that can–do and those that can’t teach. Here I see both happening together! The ultimate….Thank you for this.

    1. Awww, you’re so sweet; you are welcome. Love it when it comes together 😉

  5. agnesbartusek

    OMG girl, you summed it up beautifully 😉 You have articulated my every thought in a way that I couldn’t have. Love you mega <3 Have a fabulous weekend! XOXOX

    1. Thank you, I had a fabulous weekend! Great start to this week too – taking it up a notch with all the shapes and colors – so excited! Have the best of weeks to you Agnes <3

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