Week 5 MKE 2017-18 – Still Talking to My(I)Self

Week 5 MKE 2017-18 – Still Talking to My(I)Self


I love myself – I for the most part love all humanity, yes, I’m human. I love this Master Key Experience as I get to reflect on my humanity and beyond to what I was created to be. This week in Lesson 5 it’s all about the quality of our thoughts and the power wrought by the subconscious – to the estate that we may have if we but, earnestly desire it, assert our claim, and take possession.

Our power over circumstances – if we, but, develop an appropriate relationship with our Sympathetic System – it’s power, and the Laws that govern it; the relationship with our subconscious, our Subby, the sun that shines through us from within is the key to this seat of power – this Infinite Life, it flows through each of us. You can read more about a facet in this in Louise’s great post just follow this link.

I love the flow cards and Emerson’s Law of Compensation – Give More, Receive More, or the alliterative ditty Give More, Get More (observation – why do I have a negative connotation of ‘Get’ in this?)

All the while wrapping this week up in NO OPINIONS!!!! I have nothing to say on this…

If you haven’t noticed I’m big into music and how the song, music, words can express my relationship with my journey in this MKE. This week the songs are very specifically about my relationship with my Subby … in the second using my Subby I can be part of that world living all day in the sun – not just with gadgets and gizmos but I life of meaning and connection to the true I – part of the inner-world part of your (the Infinite – the Universe) world.

The first song … I give you the secret to the kingdom – to all kingdoms – feeling deeply is the key, so while this expresses a melancholy view of my relationship that in moments I feel like I am walking away from the best part of myself when I let perfection be the enemy of progress and feed those peptides to layers of this reforming onion. My Subby is The Best Thing About Me – I am celebrating this journey, these observations – I’m not walking away from this relationship, I will still be shooting off my mouth (it’s another great thing about me), I can wake up on my bed or the beach of my ideal choosing (I’m into the bread and butter – the visualizing the ideals in my sit – I’m good here :)) I see my future, I’m creating my future – read my press release (oh, ya that little side gig in this light week of the MKE – it’ll be there by Thursday) I can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it I claim this future it’s awesome! I feel it – will you claim the best of yours or are you walking away?


Added to this post after my amazing guide Danny sent me this … it’s perfect -that’s a fact 🙂


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  1. Nora Williams

    Love the music choices! And, I love the reminders to incorporate all 5 senses. It makes it so much more real. Great post!

  2. monique schaeffer

    At times I talk so much to myself I get tired of listening to myself. Love your blog.

  3. Naila Din

    Great Blog Nat. Love the title, ‘Still Talking to myself’ – It’s amazing how through this experience with the MKE, I to have come to recognise just how much my self talk goes on. Its been a big awakening. At least this time my awareness allows me the power to chose what I want to say to myself.

  4. Natalie Cottle

    I love the very visual and musical feel of your blog. Sometimes I think that the only time things seem to make sense is when I talk to myself! Doing it more and more through the course of this experience. Keep going you’re doing great.

  5. Julia Standish

    Great Blog entry. But I really want to comment on your Press Release!! How fun it that. Do you have a real dome with a fish. Because I share that same dream, but not a dome, a 2 story greenhouse with banana trees and a lemon tree in Billings Montana. Thanks for your blog.

  6. Nick Wheeler

    All answers come from with in, I love the Garfield pic!

  7. new11600

    OMG! I LOVE that you talk to yourself; debate with yourself; lose; and then refuse to speak to yourself. I can SO relate! Thank you for sharing this post!

    Nora W

  8. Amy Swift

    Powerful! Dynamic! Love it!

  9. Nelson

    PHEW!! That whole talking to myself thing is becoming more obvious to the outside world. My wife caught me this morning and I was DEEP into an argument with myself… HILARIOUS!!

  10. Danny Linkert

    “That Moment When You talk to Yourself” Love it! I have been here many a time!
    Great choice of music Nat!

    Love your Blog!

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