Week 5 – Thoughts, Insights, all Opinions – MKE 2020-21

Week 5 – Thoughts, Insights, all Opinions – MKE 2020-21

Today a begin an opinion-free life

Today I begin a new life – from the Scroll marked I as I have read as instructed for nearly a month – let’s end strong making a second set of dramatic changes to the week and begin an opinion-free life. It is fact that I have been more successful in my reading than I have in an opinion-free tranquility.

Where did all the opinions come from anyway? Sunday begins Week 6, the first day of sitting with the Scroll marked II, and the next week of my opinion-free zone. I love an adventure.

Think a thought of freedom and cast your vote, I did. As I’m in the flow of giving and receiving – here’s my gift to you of great music to kick off November :).

Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. Laura

    Natalie, thank you for the gift of that song–the pictures included with the video made it even more moving for me to listen to than usual. 🙂

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