Week 7 – Hold the Door


I am so full of excitement this week – and swirling emotions some mine many from people around me – uncertain, unfocused, and in some cases worse. I am going to do my best to stay focused in this post – I had a great connection this week from an experience Saturday with someone going out of there way to hold the door for me and a connection I made with that in the Webby on Sunday – Bam – mind expanded Wow!

Jay and I were at a seminar last week and wow what a difference between a drum banger and my friend Mark J. I’ll leave that there; while at the seminar practicing my ‘I love you’ silently is actually work when you are in close proximity to more than a thousand people. In saying I love you I noticed profound things, I’m normally a peppy, happy, positive person and it serves me well – adding consciously ‘I love you’ steps things up to a whole new level of amazing. Smiles, hellos, and then continuation as they walk down the street – saying hello to others – door holding, come share our table, nice to meet you – renewed humanity hope.

So riding the seminar stuffed my mind and tired my butt I awoke (time change and all) excited for this weeks Webby and BAM! Mark and the Fab D blow my mind into new shifted places. Follow me, into a new frame of mind I’d not even had play in the fringes of my mind – where I’d once seen an absolute now – wow. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” I’m sure like me you have been taught that laying down one’s life – to die for- another, is what is contemplated here. (I’m not much a fan of death – I avoid talk of it, thought of it (had to work really, really hard on this part) in general if it is concerning someone else I’ll engage in first gear, but don’t want to go there) The idea Mark was talking about that for our new best friend our future self would we show that greatest love. Ha, fie, hold the door, seriously – watch this.

None of us control time – we each are given finite time – to make the most of – waste, slog through, watch fly by, it passes in measured increments that we cannot get back – so when someone makes a conscious decision to make a change to give time in an interaction with another we are literally laying down our life – our time – for them, whether they be friend or stranger. Hold the door for someone 10 feet behind you, change your plans to spend time with someone in town, stay up until all hours of the night to talk to someone, let someone checkout first at the store, run someone to the doctor, stop and write a letter. If the action is outside of your plan – even if it just takes a moment your life – the life you planned, the one without the interaction is gone, you cannot get it back on the track it had been on – that life gone, does your life continue absolutely, but it has changed in those moments you gave, laid down for someone else.

Now please do not get me wrong – I am in no way making light of those who do make the ultimate sacrifice for another person. I read commentary after scholarly and not so scholarly commentary on the view and they all talk only about literally giving one life – breath – dead – no one spoke about time. So it got me also thinking in terms of Emerson and Compensation and time – now add this months scroll – how are we loving others even if just for microseconds of thought – BAM! This however, was not the only big wow.

I listened this week to someone describe how we get things into change the Subby – they never made the clear picture of our friends the four boxes and everything changes at thought – ‘charged by feeling’ – belief – action – results; the whole concept was to use the left brain – facts, words, and the right brain – pictures to connect them with our heart (feeling) I was just seeing a big green triangle. We are so amazingly lucky to have a plan.

Well enough of this or you’ll be here all day long 🙂 I still have my debut as a star – my Subby has no defense against my voice – exciting – I’m making a couple versions with different background music – each one speaks to a different aspect of my DMP and my soul – got to cover all my bases. I’m so doing my BPB and the Laws of the Mind – oh, I almost forgot – this Mental Diet is so much easier this year – wow. I’m observing negative outside myself in other peoples actions and words and I just leave them and turn to ‘I love you’ almost without thought – easy – like it’s becoming natural to just turn away from it – Major Celebrating – minor celebrating – things they must be a changing – for the good.

Think a positive thought – and feel that love really will open the door, hey hold that door my friend 🙂 – I found this first version and loved the singers beautiful voice and had to share – I really Love everything about it. It only lacks the pep and beat of the original so I didn’t pick – you won’t be sorry whichever one you find running through your head – and those strings – this really does open the door to my heart 🙂


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  1. master-key-jay-z

    This is the first time I have posted on your blog this MK session. I know why I have been missing something with this class. I love the insights and directions that your mind goes with these blogs. You are amazing! I read your blog and my mind opens to all kinds of different possibilities and directions that I had never thought of before. I love you. Thank you for being you!

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