Week 8 – Here There Be Dragons


This week has been a dichotomy – two forces at odds with each other. My Master Key Journey has been full of positive – my focus on my future of course, while holding great thoughts in the present, utilizing the Laws of the mind to exercise and work for mastery of my divine mechanism. This week my monsters and dragons stepped forward in near perfect precision. In week 8, for me – Here There Be Dragons.

MK 8-3 You may freely choose what you think, but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law. Any line  of thought persisted in connot fail to produce its result in the character, health and circumstances of the individual. Methods whereby we can substitute habits of constructive thinking for those which we have found produce only undesirable effects are therefore of primary importance.

8-4 We all know that this is by no means easy. Mental habits are difficult to control…


So let’s say that again – Mental habits are difficult to control – especially when you have neglected to control them for let’s say … one’s entire life – not quite true in my case I have had a couple years of Mark J’s amazing influence in my life, but essentially I have been the guardian at the gate – asleep on the job.

I am realizing the depth of my blessings as I am knocked upside the head by the world without this week.  I Can Change – I Can Establish – Strong – Good Habits. The thoughts  I entertain are generally happy, positive – even more so when I am able to be in service – in the flow of giving and receiving.  I am blessed that I had as much giving in service as I did this week or who knows where I’d be.

I’ll be honest, my enthusiastic celebration – stems from the experiences of the last two years. Last week on Wednesday I was sitting in a presentation by a Medical Professional who asked about the pain levels of the people in the room. I am a happy to participate kind of gal (shocking to some of you, right?) I wasn’t one of the people sitting in the room with a pain level of 8 or higher – when I self assessed when the kind doctor asked the question – I had to do a double take – then I had to use all my adult restraint in my body to not jump up and down and ask the room to celebrate with me – oh, that I could carry that feeling – that glorious feeling with me all the time. I was like a 1 essentially pain free. Wow, what a difference a week makes.

pain_ratingPutting a person with a strong, vivid imagination and no knowledge of the Master Keys – telling them certain things that a working guardian at the gate would never entertain or allow to pass and gain root in the always working Subby – well lets just say all those seeds that will grow corn or deadly nightshade – yep I can grow either. I work diligently to work on the bright side – the positive side. Physical pain does nasty things to the best of us – without some serendipitous events and individuals who had shared things they use – I’d have been in a horror show of my minds own creation.

Thank you Melody for calling with me this week. Thank you Sarah for the amazing Blast and Color Code enlightenment. Thank you Wendy for the amazing affirmation – I am so happy and grateful in how quickly my body heals all on its own. Thank you Eulane and Raphaela for reaching out your kind words were balm for my soul and just the added help my body needed. Thank you Mark for sharing Wallace Wattles with me his simple truths have reminded me to be on path for the Growth of my Spirit and The Wellness of my Body. Thank you Isaac for being so dang cute even when you are swollen. Thank you Liv for your lovely artistic expressions. Thank you Sebastian for being you. Thank you Zane for the liquid doctor. Thank you Jay for loving me when I am at my most unlovable. To all the others, I missed many, I’m sorry, Thank You each and all for the example, love, friendship you each have been in my life.

I love my dragons and the monsters under my bed. I am growing and entrenching good habits that I feed daily making the good habits strong. My Mental Diet – let’s just say I’m making lifestyle changes – we all know diets don’t work. I have all the time I have to get this right. Leading with love I’ve got this. Let’s Celebrate!


Read your DMP and Og so your Monsters and Dragons have great reading material. Celebrate – Enthusiastically – holding that firm picture in your mind. So you can sleep.

P.S. It’s probably not good when Natalie Z is listed under the A’s in the blog roll – ha, ha  – I did that – I wonder why?



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  1. Greg Boek

    I’ve been struggling with the monsters inside me as well. This weeks webbie (week 11) was a huge help!

    1. Thank you, Greg. Yes, this weeks webbie was awesome – you and I are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy – and we love everyone – even our own monsters 🙂

  2. Greg Lassig

    Great Post Natalie Z. Although I am not doing the Master Keys this year I just logged on for some inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed. We all have our dragons that keep showing up; Good luck slaying yours!

    1. Thank you Greg – so glad that you are still looking for and finding inspiration from others journey. Yes, my fairytale Hero’s Journey will stand as proof that we can slay *overcome our dragons – feel free to drop by anytime 🙂

  3. Kay Beam

    Wish I could think of something spectacular to be helpful. It is never good to see someone struggle, but sharing your struggles are helpful to others who have their own struggles, to know they aren’t alone. I am glad for your supportive friends. May you sleep well.

    1. Thank you, thank you Kay – the spectacular is your kind thoughts. You nailed it 🙂

  4. Juneta

    What a great and insightful post. I love the title. I deal with constant pain so it really hit home with me and gave me something I need to think about more. Thank you.

    Juneta’s MKE Blog

    1. Thank you for your comment Juneta – The Wallace Wattles book was a huge game changer for me. Also auto-suggestion utilizing the Law of Growth – focus on the vibrant, vigorously healthy you 🙂 Keep shining beautiful lady.

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