Week 8 -Master Key 2015 – Relax

16 i_relax_and_enjoy_life  Here we are in week 8 of the Master Key Experience #ThereIsNothingLikeIt! I have loved the experience.  I’ve gone with it, the readirise-and-grind1ng (Og, Haanel, Emerson, Fox), the blogging, the tweeting, the webinaring, the allianceing, the gal in glassing, the serving, the index carding, the in the flowing, the color/shaping, the keeping the promising, the mental dieting, the no opinioning, the recording, the blueprint buildering,  and PPN-DMPing been there loved that.  no cheating the grind

My body like many others has rebelled (I thought I was alone, nope big ol’ crowd of us) I had a get sick habitual reaction and that coupled with learning from the experiences of others has given me pause.  To reflect how much I actually need to change in my life to get where I want to be.  I created this life – I Am creating the life I want – this is exciting!

You, who are familiar with this Master Key Experience may have noticed I left out a BIG component of MKMMA – The Sitting. I thought I had the 415_child_meditationsitting down – seriously I can sit, and sit, and sit – visualize, no problem – have a conversation, fogettaboutit – create an ideal, I’m there – see what you want, yep I got that – I have imagination in spades.  Hold a thought, sure – still thought, got it – relax….. que tire screeching noise.

I relax. Sure I do – in my mind – so if I’m relaxing my mind (and I thought my body) again and again daily andjust breathe I’ve been doing it for decades why the h3ll is my body so Not RElaxeD?

On Sunday’s webinar a couple things jumped out at me and stayed jumped out … the practices in the sits are cumulative … no worries I got this …

3-30 The Master Keys

Physical relaxation is a voluntary exercise of the will and the exercise will be found to be of great value, as it enables he blood to circulate freely to and from the brain and body.

The practices are cumulative … practice the voluntary exercise of physical relaxation … see your ideal … what am I not getting here – this is obviously a previously unknown or unacknowledged old blueprintism.

Interestingly enough, this discovery of myself comes along with the first sit that has not come to me easily.  Nope, not easy this is a stretch … I’m up for it but I have no experience with battleships – other than the game of Battleship and rarely have I exclaimed, “You sunk my battleship!” (did you know that there isn’t a commissioned “battleship” in the U.S. Navy today).  If hqdefaultyou are currently in the Master Keys go listen to Mark J’s reading of Week 8 and his insights with this sit and your DMP – fascinating!

I feel like I did back in high school with the what was the author thinking and feeling when this was written questions, oh, but multiply that by the thousands of individuals involved each and every aspect of the srabbit holehip, it’s planning, it’s funding, the raw materials and the acquisition of each – and relax while you do this.  I feel another rabbit hole coming – I was wrong there have been several rabbit holes the Sitting exercise this week has lead me into.

Let me list just a few … why is my body not relaxed? (Biggie), can you imagine the implications of tracking back with Universal connection the original motivations and how they relate to you anything you are involved in – find the Emersonians say no to Carlylites, it has lead me to my next set of books – Dr. Lissa Rankin Mind over Medicine – The Fear Cure and The Anatomy of a Calling – wow on the reticular activation system, she’s talking about Campbell’s Heroes Journey and the Limbic mind (the Monkey Mind – the Reptile Mind); led me to some memory strategies, Thankzen-meditation-quotes Jim Kwik.  Are redheads really just blondes with high blood pressure?  How do I get the outcome of a relaxed body and mind without the finite ordering the infinite – if nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain – what do I replace this habit with – does it really just all come down to love?   Have I done my best?  Why does my body act like the whole world is a stick – seriously?  Am I focusing on the wrong stuff?  And how did I miss it was the Diet tab in Alliances area we are to comment in … Hmmm.relax frog

I think I’ll just sit here for a few Hours … days … Don’t bother me I’m learning to do new things in my Inner World – Cool I’ll get this 🙂  Think a relaxing thought.zen_meditation_funny_cat_and_ego



Master Key Natalie Z

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  1. mkmmamission

    Natalie, your blog is insightful as people have stated but I love the humor you closed with… that is the biggest key… Don’t Worry, Be happy and make a lot of jokes! Believe…Karen

  2. annedenis87

    Thank you Natalie for this remarkable blog. Love your honesty. (:

  3. master-key-jay-z

    Another one hit out of the park! I love the thoughts you come up with and share! Carry on!!!!

  4. dominica8

    fantastic 🙂 loved reading it, lots of similarities also with my own process, funny to read in someone else’s words 🙂

  5. MasterKeyDiz

    Wow, Your style and blog layout is so AWESOME! It flows so beautifully, great job on the pics and the quotes especially the first one. You obviously are crushing it overall. Seriously just blown away with your writing and your efforts. Not sure what state you reside in, or if it matters to you, but there are wonderful benefits to certain strains of cannabis or other herbs to calm the body along with a heat pack across the back of your shoulders, it helps me if I am extra tense and need to get into the zone. Incredible stuff NatalieZ so excited for you!

  6. ernie A

    Thank you from me as well… Look forward to re- reading I think it is very helpful for a lot of us. Ernie A

  7. Suzanne

    You captured the experience so well. Exactly as it is. 🙂

  8. agnesbartusek

    Not only have I read your post but I re-read your post 😉 It made me realize that I am not alone on this journey. Very insightful! Thank you for being so humble and sharing it from your heart. What an amazing journey and thank you for holding my hand through it. Love you mega!!!! <3

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      I love you mega too Agnes! Thank you for your words – our journeys are better with friends, I’m blessed to count you as one of mine.

  9. Milton, A.

    Great blog. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps I should be sitting for an hour

  10. masterkeysaras

    Loved your blog- so insightful!! Thank you! I needed to read this today 😀

  11. gerrymglover

    Great work Natalie – I love the way you describe your experiences – best wishes for continued discovery and advancement.
    Gerry G

  12. marilynrholloway

    Wow, Natalie, you’ve expressed it just like it is — I think for so many of us! I was breathless by the time I got to the end of your blog — which made me realize I have been pretty much breathless for the last 8 weeks! It is so exciting, but am I holding my breath? Are you holding your breath? Just a thought.

    1. MasterKeyNatalieZ

      Maybe I need that recording … breathe in, breathe out 🙂 It is exciting – thank you Marilyn.

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